Tens of thousands of this famous American tank were built during WWII, and in addition to its use by US forces, the M4 Sherman also served with many Allied countries. This set includes accurate colors to paint Sherman tanks employed by the US Marine Corps. Besides the distinctive "Marine Green", this versatile set includes all other camouflage colors most commonly used by the USMC in the Pacific Theater of Operations. These six colors have been formulated for maximum performance with both brush and airbrush.  The Scale Reduction-Effect will allow us to apply the correct color on our models. 17ml jars. Shake well before each use. Each jar includes a stainless steel ball agitator to facilitate mixture. They are water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic. We recommend A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for best thinning results. Dries completely in 24 hours .It includes 6 Acrylic colors: A.MIG-0046 MATT BLACK. A.MIG-0135 CINNAMON. A.MIG-0138 DESERT YELLOW. A.MIG-0139 RED EARTH. A.MIG-0915 Dark Green (BS 241). A.MIG-0926 OLIVE DRAB  BASE.


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