Which are the most basic wash colors a modeler needs to get started? Which are the most used colors across all types of modeling subjects including aircraft, ships, military vehicles, or spacecraft? This set provides the easiest solution to the novice modeler who is just starting in the hobby and does not really know what is needed. This set includes the most universal weathering products most commonly used for any subject, from dark wash to rust effects. You will be able to apply most wash techniques to your models knowing that it is a selection created by Mig Jiménez himself based on the products that he invariably uses on all of his models. This set is a perfect solution if you get lost in our wide range of products. A starter set for beginners, occasional modelers, and those who simply do not have enough time to build their own selection of colors. Includes the references: A.MIG-1002 TRACK WASH, A.MIG-1004 LIGHT RUST WASH, A.MIG-1008 DARK WASH, A.MIG-1203 STRAKING GRIME, A.MIG-1400 KURSK SOIL.


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