Essential collection of products such as earth textures, correct track colors, as well as rust & dust Effects for painting tracks in all arid environments. Create the unique appearance of accumulations of dust and wear unique to AFVs in dry arid terrain. Such harsh and abrasive conditions create effects of dry rust (A.MIG-1002), polished metal links (A.MIG-034, A.MIG-192), and the accumulation of dust and pulverized earth (A.MIG-1751, A.MIG-3003) only with this all-inclusive multi-media Dry Earth Tracks Set. The set includes 3 enamel jars 35ml and 2 acrylic jars 17ml: A.MIG-1002 TRACK WASHA.MIG-3003 NORTH AFRICA DUSTA.MIG-1751 DRY STEPPEA.MIG-0034 RUST TRACKSA.MIG-0192 POLISHED METAL


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